Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are in the icing sheets?

Edible sheets: Modified starches (E1422, E1412), maltodextrin, humectant (E422), sugar, water, thickeners (E460i, E414, E415), dextrose, food colour (E171), emulsifiers (E435, E471, E491), preservative (E202), flavour, acidity regulator: (E330)

What ingredients are in edible ink?

Edible ink:


Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Brilliant Black BN E151 (2,5%),
Sunset yellow E110 (0,8%), Quinoline yellow E104 (0,6%), 1.2 Propandiol E1520 


Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Tartrazine E102 (1,5%),
1.2 Propandiol E1520, Citric acid E330


Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Azorubine E122 (2,2%),
Ponceau R E124 (0,9%), 1.2 Propandiol E1520, Citric acid E330


Water, Glycerol E422, Colour: Brilliant Blue E133 (2.5%),
1.2 Propandiol E1520, Citric acid E330

What is edible printing?

Edible printing is the process of creating pre-printed images with edible food colours onto various confectionery products, such as cookies, cakes, or pastries. Here at inc.edible we use edible printing to create fantastic edible greeting cards.

How long does it take to print an inc.edible card?

We aim to have your order printed and in the post within 48 hours from receipt of the initial order.  However, this could be longer during busy periods. Even during busy periods, we aim to have all orders posted within a 7 day period from the initial order.  Please ensure you order early to avoid disappointment

What is the difference between wafer paper and icing sheets?

Wafer paper is made using potato starch and vegetable oil. It remains thin and sturdy. Wafer paper is translucent and ideal to use for airbrushing, cake toppers, printing bold and organic shapes, with little details such as flower wallpaper, leaves, feathers, clip arts and geometrical shapes. It can be cut using a pair of scissors, as well as a die-cut machine, and anything in between. Icing sheet, on the other hand, is made of corn starch and sugar. Icing sheets are a pure white, smooth texture, best suitable for edible images. They have an edge over wafer sheets in terms of printing cake prints or edible pictures. The picture printed on icing sheets tends to be vivid, with bright colours. On wafer sheets, colours can appear dull.

How do I store my card if I want to keep it?

inc.edible cards are best stored flat, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How long will my inc.edible card last?

The best before date is set at 6 months from print if stored in a cool dark place. Although the print will last much longer, we do not recommend eating them after this date.

My message is printed incorrectly?

Please ensure when you type your message into the box that it is spelt correctly and laid out the way you would like it to appear. We do not correct or change any messages.  All messages are simply copied and pasted. Due to the costs involved, we cannot reprint any cards that are incorrect based on your original message.  In this case, please re-order with the correct message.

Can I order a collage picture?

We cannot create a collage picture from the images supplied. However, if you have created your own collage picture, please upload this as part of your order and then it can be printed onto the edible card.

The print of the inc.edible card is dark – what happened?

We use food colouring for printing onto edible paper.  If your picture is dark it will print as such. Please bear this in mind and try to use a bright, light picture.

Can I get different flavours of inc.edible card?

inc.edible cards are vanilla flavoured.  No other flavours are available at present.

Can I get my inc.edible card without lustre spray?

Yes, please contact me directly or add a message to your order.

How much is delivery?

Royal Mail First Class delivery is included in the cost of the order. Please allow 2 – 3 days for this delivery, bearing in mind that the effects of the pandemic can lead to postal delays. Order early wherever possible. You can pay to upgrade your delivery to Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class, Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1 pm, Royal Mail Please contact inc.edible directly before you order so that this can be arranged

Can I store my inc.edible card in the fridge?

No, it is not recommended to store inc.edible cards in the fridge. To store your inc.edible card for longevity, please store it in a cool, dry, place or why not put it in a photo frame to display every day!

Is everything recyclable?

At inc.edible it’s important that our products are environmentally friendly. We have worked hard to source items that are recyclable or reusable. You can drop the whole card into the recycling bin, or you can eat the card and use the aperture as a wipeable to-do list on the fridge, or put another picture in it to display. You could eat the card and recycle the packaging. It is entirely up to you! We challenge you to come up with an amazing use for it and feel free to share and tag us in the post.

Are there any allergens present?

The cards do not contain allergens; however, the inks do contain E numbers

  • E102 (tartrazine)
  • E104 (quinoline yellow)
  • E110 (sunset yellow FCF)
  • E122 (carmoisine)
  • E124 (ponceau 4R)
  • E129 (allura red)

which may have an adverse effect on children.

Can I put any picture onto my inc.edible card?

Your personalised designs and images are printed on edible icing sheets using food grade quality edible ink. We can print any design or pattern you upload on edible icing sheets. Colours with a metallic appearance, such as gold or silver designs are difficult to colour match edible icing sheets and should be avoided. As noted above, try to avoid images that are dark.

Are inc.edible cards vegan?

Yes. Ingredients of frosting sheets are generally derived from tapioca or starches, with added sugar and gums.

Are inc.edible cards gluten free?

All icing sheets are dairy, gluten and nut free.

What does the inc.edible card taste like?

Having a vanilla flavouring we have had many interesting answers that range from vanilla ice cream to drumstick lollies! The one thing everyone can agree on is that they are delicious!

Is the printer ink safe to eat?

The edible ink used for printing is produced to EU regulations.  The inks are vegan, halal, gluten-free, nut-free and kosher, and of course, are safe for human consumption.

Can I send the inc.edible card to a different address?

Yes. You can just select a delivery address in the checkout, which is different to the billing address. If there is only one address, then the card will be sent to the billing address provided.

If you accidently order your inc.edible card without a message?

Contact us directly at so we can add your message before printing. If you do not contact us your card will be printed without  a message.

Can I write in the inc.edible card with regular pens?

No. You can only write in the cards with edible ink as normal ink is not edible. You can buy edible pens from the supermarkets in the cake aisle, or contact us at for further information.

Do you provide inc.edible cards with a blank inside to write my own message?

We currently do not offer this option through the website. Please contact us at to make this request.

Is your edible glue vegan?

Yes, we source our edible glue to ensure it is suitable for a vegan diet.

Edible glue ingredients: water, acidity regulator: acetic acid E260, thickener: sodium carboxy methyl cellulose E466